Datacenter Operations Services

Datacenter Operations Services help the customers to operate their datacenters. They include:

Storage Operations Services

A storage concept is the basis of each data center infrastructure, which needs to be maintained and run effectively.

Appropriate storage is of crucial importance for today’s dynamic data centers and legacy applications.
The S&T Storage Management solution initially analyzes the current Storage-Area-Network in relation to the company’s application mix, characteristics and performance requirements. With this analysis suggestions on initial optimizations of efficiency can be preceded.

After defining SLA levels the management and administration of the infrastructure is transitioned to S&T. S&T provides a guaranteed service level across the defined storage and SAN infrastructure and provides business as usual support services.

Server Operations Services

Most companies have one or more core systems on which their daily business relies.

Unix and Linux systems represent the most powerful, safest and reliable operating environment for business-critical applications from the world’s leading software producers. The management and maintenance of such complex systems requires highly trained stuff with extensive experience in diverse environments combined with a program of continuous education. S&T offers knowledge and experience that is recognized by vendors, as well as its clients.

The aim of complex Systems Operations Services is to overtake the responsibility and to ensure proactive services, performance and 24x7 high system availability at the operating system level.

Database Operations Services

Data represents a crucial element in business processes, transaction systems and in decision making and continuous and fast access to data is essential.

Companies are losing money if data are not accessible. Database Operations Services ensure the operational readiness, 24x7 availability and performance of the database systems.

S&T provides comprehensive assistance, with a long tradition, experience and a team of highly qualified and certified professionals, in the establishment and maintenance of MS SQL (Microsoft Structured Query Language) databases and the full set of Oracle data management software (Database, WebLogic, Audit Vault, Database Vault, RAC, Active Data Guard, Fail Safe, etc.). Services can be delivered on site or remotely via network connections.

Network Operations Services

The design, implementation and maintenance of reliable and highly-available network infrastructure, addresses three crucial aspects of the company’s network environment:

  • Network Infrastructure for local users and servers
  • Multi-homed redundant connectivity to the Internet
  • VPN WAN services over private and public networking infrastructure
S&T has highly trained certified experts with extensive experience therefore it can assure 24/7 reliable proactive, and professional network infrastructure services, remote or on-site delivered services and integration with S&T’s standard Infrastructure.

Security Operation Services

S&T offers real time security management, monitoring and alerting. With these services companies can enhance the information security, improve security service performance and transfer responsibility for security and availability to S&T (with guaranteed service level agreements designed to ensure business continuity). S&T offers managed e-mail and web security (on S&T´s infrastructure or existing customer´s infrastructure), managed firewall infrastructure (with intrusion prevention and application control) and monitored customer services (security & availability).

Datacenter On Demand

S&T’s Datacenter Shared Infrastructure as a Service comprises of Cloud based and Traditional Datacenter solutions. Cloud based Datacenter services has been used for commodity server access via highly available internet based communication. Traditional Datacenter services are more suitable for customized, high performance solutions where internet based communication do not provide sufficient speed and quality of service or where legislation or business requirements require data to be stored within defined geographical regions.

S&T offers a range of cloud based and traditional Datacenter services, including infrastructure hosting, infrastructure outsourcing, IaaS, PaaS, managed infrastructure, and BC/DR outsourcing.