Corporate Social Responsibility

S&T is active in 17 countries and confronted with different legal regulations and social customs with regard to corporate social responsibility in each of them.
The following examples represent a cross-section of the extensive activities:

Support when leaving the company – Austria
An important aspect of our corporate culture is to carry out market-related job cuts or resignations by employees in a fair, proper and socially-oriented manner. The Human Resources Department supports all employees leaving the company in Austria within the context of a standard assistance program, encompassing support in preparing curriculum vitae, job application coaching and establishing contacts to key networks, such as headhunters and partners. We consider it our responsibility to support employees in their efforts to reposition themselves professionally.

Climate protection – Austria
We also attach considerable importance to environment and climate protection. In the past financial year, we reduced waste gas emissions on the part of new additions to the vehicle fleet by 15-20 percent based on the consistent implementation of a new car policy.

Group-wide professional development and further education
Our value “Expertise” symbolizes the fact that the ongoing professional development and further education of our employees is a key goal of the company. The focus of our efforts in 2009 was on technical certification, language skills and top management “leadership” programs. These measures were complemented in the individual countries by onboarding and introductory events, as well as training in specific company processes and information, personality training tailored to job roles and programs for “high potentials” to promote particularly talented employees.

Group-wide social involvement
The S&T Group strives to support the sustainable development of the markets and countries in which the company operates. In addition to pursuing economic goals, sustainability also means taking account of and fulfilling socio-political objectives. Accordingly, S&T promotes various initiatives and projects in the field of education, science and culture as well as social and charitable projects. For example, S&T Macedonia and S&T Moldova regularly donate computers and computing equipment to children’s homes, whereas S&T Poland financially supports the Iskierka Foundation for children with cancer. S&T also supports initiatives and institutions assisting sick or socially disadvantaged children in Austria, the Ukraine and several other countries. In Bulgaria, S&T financed a demo lab for students at the Technical University in Sofia, and in Romania S&T sponsors annual IT competitions held in schools and universities.