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S&T Russia optimizes reporting system

The multinational beverage and food company Danone, founded in 1919 in Barcelona and today headquartered in Paris, began operating in Russia in the 1990’s. Today, two dairy processing factories and the well-known ”Bolshevik” biscuit factory are part of the Danone group of companies. The company employs 92,000 people worldwide in 120 countries, 2,500 of which are in Russia. Danone is the international leader in the field of milk products and still mineral water. Well-known brands are amongst others Fruchtzwerge or Activia.

The challenge

Danone utilises MicroStrategy as its data analysis and reporting system internationally. But until now there has been used an Excel as a reporting system, which drew its data from the centralized ERP system in France. As well as the obvious time delay, there have been also experienced difficulties in the form of irregular and erroneous reports. S&T, MicroStrategy’s leading partner in Russia and Danone’s long-standing IT service provider, was thus given the task of optimizing this business intelligence solution.

The project

S&T first created a logical model and developed the ETL processes (= Extract,
Transform, Load, procedures to process data of different structures
from different sources within one target database). Furthermore the necessary
hardware and software has been installed, and localization and trainings
undertaken so that Danone employees could oversee the system themselves
and develop it further.
Now the MicroStrategy system is used for all analysis and reporting, providing
the benefits of high quality data and fast processing. Complex data is
now evaluated four times faster than was possible prior to this project. The
Danone management team has so the latest real-time information.

Benefit to the customer

  • high quality data
  • fast evaluation of complex data
  • performance-optimization