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Brenntag – as Europe’s no.1 chemical distributor and the third largest in the USA – is represented in all the major industrial regions of Europe as well as in North and South America. Since 2000, Brenntag CEE GmbH has been part of the Brenntag Group and the main pillar of the group’s involvement in central and eastern Europe. Based in Vienna, Brenntag CEE currently operates from 50 locations in 14 countries in central and eastern Europe.

The Challenge

Brenntag has six branches in Austria alone. Responsibility for the IT workplaces in Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Germany and Italy had to be placed with an IT partner. Other countries are likely to follow.

The Project

The globally-successful chemical specialist has just the one central equipment supplier for a substantial part of its company group. S&T Austria takes care of the handling of the orders. All Brenntag‘s branches in Western Europe and in the EU countries order hardware for their IT workplaces on-line through S&T Austria’s E-Shop. Delivery is coordinated by S&T and carried out by the shortest route direct from the manufacturer. Individual countries are covered by sub-contracts, in order to provide for country-specific requirements. S&T looks after the hardware procurement structure in its entirety, including logistics, equipment servicing and maintenance, installation and asset management.

S&T looks after a total of 1,200 IT workplaces located throughout central and eastern Europe. For the future, Brenntag CEE is planning to install an additional 4,000 units of desktop terminal equipment through S&T.

Benefit to the customer

  • transparent, plannable costs
  • uniform, standardised end-user equipment
  • concentration on core business
  • measurable quality for IT processes
  • flexibility and optimal support for client business

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