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Invest-Trade Group

SAP Implementation

Founded in Miskolc (Hungary) in 1991, Invest-Trade Group is one of the largest companies in Hungary’s meat industry. In addition to its pork, beef and meat processing operations, the group also produces fruit juices and carbonated drinks, is active in the sand and gravel industry, and develops real estate.

The challenge

Until recently all of the members of the group operated independent IT systems. The rapid development of the business required the implementation of an integrated ERP system. Invest-Trade’s subsidiaries had customized IT systems and were operating in isolation. This not only made it hard to handle business data, but also to review the activities of the enterprise. Ultimately it slowed down decision making processes. Through the implementation of ERP Invest-Trade wanted to realize the integrated management of the subsidiaries within the group, along with the application of the best business practice.

The project

S&T Hungary implemented a custom solution for the Invest-Trade Group based on mySAP All-in-One. The solution is tailored to the specific requirements of the customer and can adapt to change flexibly. The following modules were installed for the Invest-Trade Group: Finance, Asset Management, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, and Controlling. Additionally, the Production Planning module was implemented at the four production sites. Because the requirements of all four production facilities were so different, modifications were made so that three separate production models were implemented.

A particular challenge that had to be met was the necessity to automate the integration of the weights of meat — essential to efficient meat processing — into the SAP system in order to avoid the manual input of such data. For these purposes S&T together with its partners developed a customized data communication system that would be reliable over the large distances between production facilities.

Benefit for the customer

  • improved and faster handling of business data
  • integrated systems
  • individual solution