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KBA Grafitec

SAP Implementation

KBA Grafitec, which recently became part of Koenig & Bauer AG, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printing machines, operates in the Czech Republic with 400 employees. Even before its takeover by the KBA Group the company had increasingly felt the need for a more powerful IT solution for its existing information system.

The challenge

With steadily rising production levels and the resulting new and increased demands this placed on the IT systems it was becoming increasingly difficult to adequately support KBA Grafitec’s planning and control activities. Therefore the company ordered the implementation of a SAP based information system and the take over of the responsibility for the running system. Crucial factors behind the decision to award the contract to S&T were the extensive feasibility study carried out in advance of the project and the IT service provider’s references in the SAP sector. The financing package offered by S&T – as rental over four years – also played an important role.

The project

From the very outset S&T worked together closely with the company during the design and development of the new information system. The clear decision in favor of the S&T solution was finally taken by the new owners on the basis of the S&T requirements’ analysis. Within the scope of the project S&T delivered and implemented the SAP solution and then made the system available to the customer as an outsourcing solution at S&T‘s own computer centre in Brno.

Benefit for the customer

  • state-of-the-art SAP-system
  • innovative financing package
  • innovative outsourcing solution
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