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S&T cooperates with Polish Banknote Printer

The Polish security printing works PWPW S.A. is the Polish producer of banknotes, stamps, shares and bonds or other secure documents and the biggest government-owned printing company. The company produces various security papers, including ID cards, driving licenses and passports, for government institutions. Further on PWPW S.A. is the only Polish producer of banknotes.

The challenge

In the framework of a unique outsourcing and cooperation arrangement, S&T Services Polska Sp. z o.o. welcomes the entire SAP specialists staff of PWPW TI Ltd. company, a subsidiary of Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW SA). So, all IT services has been outsourced to S&T. S&T Services Polska has been chosen by PWPW in a competitive bid as its partner who could reshape IT operations within the PWPW capital group.

The project

As of September 2007 the whole PWPW IT team, counting 17 top SAP specialists, has been transferred to S&T Services Polska. The new S&T team (formerly of PWPW IT) continues to provide support to the PWPW Capital Group in the areas of IT and telecommunications, including SAP system maintenance and development, CRM system implementation and roll-out, a helpdesk operation and an IT service request function.

All previously signed contracts still valid between PWPW and its subsidiary PWPW IT have been passed on to S&T and outsourced to S&T‘s newly established department, which is made up of the former staff of PWPW IT. S&T Services Polska has therewith pulled off a model collaboration which brings huge benefits for all the parties involved. PWPW will enjoy the usual excellent standard of service, but without having to be responsible for the administrative effort. S&T on the other side can apply the extensive expertise of the new employees to other customers.

Benefit for the customer

  • top-service and support
  • reduction of administration costs