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Central Agricultural Inspection and Testing Institute

Agrarians have their original web based Central Variety Register

Central Agricultural Inspection and Testing Institute in Bratislava (ÚKSÚP) is a state organization directly subordinated to the SR Ministry of Agriculture. The main objective of this institute is the performance of the expert control and testing within the field of agriculture and state expert surveillance over the quality of agricultural inputs. The Varieties testing department is involved especially in testing of varieties for the purposes of their registration and legal protection.

The challenge

In August 2007 a Central Variety Register has been published, comprising data transfer, processing and registration of features and properties of varieties within the testing process. This results in a centralized database of varieties accessible to all professionals, with a uniform variety test result processing.

For the contractors, S&T Slovakia and Radela, this meant the task to develop software applications of the Central Variety Register, including installation, pilot operation, start-up in productive operation and suitable training for users.

The project

In 2005 S&T Slovakia launched the integrated information system for registration of manufacturers importers and exporters of plant products within Slovak Republic. This system was a significant priority of the agricultural sector within the EU accession process, and today it is available to 200 users over Internet.

The entire solution was designed and executed on the basis of highly-accessible cluster solution of the application and database servers providing for load equalization and protection against system outages. The system is based on a three-layer technology (database, application server, thin client) within the environment of the operating system Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 using the application platform .NET (ASP.NET 2.0) and relation database MS SQL Server 2000. The users connect to the system using an internet browser.
High modularity of the solution reduced the cost of administration and any further development of applications under new legal requirements.

Benefit for the customer

  • centralized database
  • uniform variety test result processing
  • protection against system outages
  • reduces the cost of administration and any further development of applications under new requirements