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State Fund Agriculture

S&T consolidates land ownership data

The Bulgarian State Fund Agriculture (SFA) is responsible for the allocation of subsidies to farmers from national and European funds. The organization is an established EU appointed paying agency and is also registered as a SAPARD* agency, totally there are 28 regional subsidiaries in the country. The responsibilities in accordance with EU directives include the collection and management of the land ownership data of around 150,000 Bulgarian farmers. In addition, photographs of all the agriculturally productive land are brought together and are made available to the farmers.

*SAPARD = Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development

The challenge

The SFA has very strong guidelines for the archiving and storage of this data. Therefore the implementation of a high performance and highly accessible system was required. S&T Bulgaria was appointed to plan and execute the data consolidation and storage and a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

The project

The project was completed in two phases. In the framework of the first phase, two computer centers were set up in the SFA head office in Sofia, and the SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure was implemented. The entire SAN infrastructure was designed to be resilient with a no single point of failure architecture. With a storage capacity of several terabytes, SFA now has a reliable solution for long-term data archiving which complies with all the EU directives.

During the second phase of the project, S&T Bulgaria implemented a centralised backup solution and provided additional storage capacity. In addition, a third computer center was set up in Plovdiv, 120 kilometres from Sofia. The solution implemented by S&T Bulgaria complies now with all the EU‘s data protection requirements and provides the State Fund Agriculture with an industry-approved environment for highly accessible data consolidation and long-term archiving.

Benefit for the customer

  • reliable solution for long-term data archiving
  • desaster-recovery-solution
  • additional storage capacity