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Polish Ministry of the Environment

S&T develops an IT-System for Eco-Portal

The Eco-Portal is planned as an information service that will be operated via the Center for Environmental Information, an institute reporting to the Polish Ministry of the Environment. The center’s role is to provide information and raise awareness about the environment and its protection. The Eco-Portal will also enable state agencies to administer and manage publicly accessible environmental protection documents, as required under EU regulations.

The challenge

S&T has been commissioned to develop a central data pool and an IT system that ensures reliable communication and a secure flow of data between the environmental databases and registers administered by public institutions, as well as presentation of this data using GIS (Geographic Information System) tools.

The project

Within the system, S&T created multiple data-access levels and trained the administrators and users of the system. These were primarily staff from state and local administrative agencies that are responsible for maintenance of the environmental databases in Poland. Before S&T installed the elaborated solution data was obtained from a multitude of various databases, registers and catalogs, which often differ greatly as far as their structure, area of validity and update cycles are concerned. Such circumstances made it impossible to analyze the data in a consistent manner and allow users to present it via a single user-friendly interface.

Benefit to the customer

  • flexible system for interactive communication with citizens
  • marked improvement of usability
  • multiple data-access levels
  • consolidated and consistent data are available