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State Forestry Enterprises

S&T Poland Provides IT Management

The stated mission of State Forest is to preserve, to extend and sustainably manage forest resources in Poland. The State Forest administers nearly 80% of Poland’s forests.

The challenge

S&T Poland is ensuring the smooth operation of IT equipment at the 478 organizational units of Poland’s national “State Forests” forestry enterprises. The contract was initiated in January 2008 and runs until the end of 2009 – this is an extension of the previous S&T service agreement with the State Forests that covered HP servers and peripheral devices. The two year contract is valued at 780,000 euros.

The project

The proposal submitted by S&T convinced the Polish State Forests not just by
virtue of its attractive price, but also due to the success of the company’s previous cooperation with State Forests’ regional branches, forest enterprises, transport units, training and educational sections, as well as other units of the organization. Alongside these factors, S&T experts possess all the necessary qualifications and certification required, as well as profound experience and knowledge of the various versions of the Linux system already used at State Forests.

Service notifications from users at State Forests are submitted to the S&T customer service center and then forwarded to the technicians responsible for the relevant site. Online access to the S&T customer service centre assignment-tracking system allows IT staff at State Forests to continuously monitor the status of any repair or maintenance work and see when IT systems are fully operational. Over their many years of cooperation with State Forests, S&T specialists have acquired expert knowledge about the IT equipment used, together with all the necessary skills and practical experience in handling the various systems and IT apparatus. Consequently, they are able to service and maintain the systems without requiring support from the respective manufacturers.

Benefit to the customer

  • rapid handling of service cases
  • excellent cost-benefit ratio