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EMIS: S&T realizes major order in Romania

“EMIS is the integrated information system of the National System for Emergency Situations which connects all operation centers for emergency situations as well as other organizations interested in sharing relevant information. It also represents a support in taking decisions both in every day emergency cases and in major emergency situations which involve management by the emergency committees. The system will be used in all the stages of the emergency situations management: prevention, planning, response and return to the normal state of things,” said Victor Paul Dobre, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform. EMIS represents a reference IT project for the public administration in Romania with immediate effects on the improvement of the response capacity of the emergency system at the regional and national level as well as on the increasing capacity of the Government to take the optimum decisions and to act in emergency situations.

The challenge

The project has as a purpose to improve the exchange of information between the institutions involved in the management of emergency situations and to facilitate a fast adoption of the best decisions for the respective situations. The Emergency Management Information System – EMIS – is an integrated system meant to ensure the information support to the decision makers by collecting and distributing information about emergencies from and between those institutions involved in the management of these situations, evaluating the emergency situations and their effects, coordinating interventions, monitoring situations. EMIS also ensures the preparation, implementation, coordination of the plans and standard operational procedures dedicated to each particular situation.
EMIS implementation respects the specific requirements of World Bank financed projects. The final operational acceptance is planned for the beginning of June 2009.

The project

Financed by the World Bank the project has a value of approximately 7,5 million € and will be implemented in twelve months time by a consortium led by S&T România and APD Communications Ltd. (UK) with support from expert UK partners, EUS Associates Ltd and Ultra Electronics APL. The Project Management Unit of MIRA (Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform) has the responsibility of co-ordinating activity on behalf of all of the government stakeholders in the project.

The project has several stages, one of them being the implementation of the system in pilot locations until the end of 2008, as follows: in two Operational Centers for Emergency Situations at the national level, situated in Bucharest and in Ciolpani and in a series of County Operational Centers for Emergency Situations among which Arad, Bihor, Botoşani, Prahova counties as well as in Bucharest.
As an important component, the design, implementation, training and support of the EMIS application is jointly ensured by the software development division of S&T and the UK partners and is based on the latest software technologies. Robust interfaces developed with all relevant organizations will guarantee the necessary information in case of an emergency situation.