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The Foreign Trade and Investment Organisation (AWO) of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) is the official body representing the Austrian economy abroad and therefore the largest service provider in the sphere of foreign trade. The AWO is represented by over 100 offices in 70 countries worldwide and undertakes to support and advise Austrian companies at home and abroad on international contacts and the marketing of services and products world-wide.

The Challenge

The AWO’s internet portal ( is a modern information and communications platform. Austrian companies are able to effectively present themselves and their products on an international forum and in any language. The receipt and uploading of such information have to be as quick and simple as possible, to assist both the company and the AWO staff. Worldwide, more than 40 editorial offices with specific requirements were integrated in the project.

The Project

The project was won together with the general contractor, the Gentics Software GmbH. The editing and administration of the AWO internet portal is based on a Content Management System (CMS) Gentics® Content.Node® of Gentics Software GmbH. S&T Austria developed and integrated an on-line marketplace application as an interface to the CMS, adapted to the requirements of the AWO and its editorial offices. The technology base for the application

The AWO provides Austrian firms with a convenient facility to create a speci-
fic marketing profile tailored to their needs and to have its content put on-line
by the editorial office in the relevant country. The AWO offers translation of
the profile into the appropriate languages required by the firms as an additional

Benefit to the Customer

  • the services offered by the Austrian Foreign Trade and Investment Organisation are quick and convenient to use
  • a global information and communication portal based on a universally-integrated, technological and logistical platform
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