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DLS Srbija

IT infrastructure enhancement

DLS Srbija belongs to the national lottery in Serbia and with more than 1,000 outlets serves some 200,000 players per week who try their luck in the lottery.

The challenge

For the innovative project DLS Srbija had two important demands: To increase the speed with which processes are handled and to enable the company to implement new applications more quickly than in the past. In addition a more powerful storage system should be installed and the new system also has to support the complete range of business processes from all outlets. DLS Srbija required this greater capacity in order to expand its product portfolio and thus increase the number of its customers.

The Project

The solution provided by S&T Serbia is based upon the installation of a new storage and backup system which guarantees the availability and backup of data. This system was first of all configured precisely in accordance with the company‘s requirements. In a second step, the data was migrated from the old storage system. A 13.5 terabyte storage system now ensures that DLS Srbija’s data is secure and can be used simultaneously and at high speed.

Furthermore, the scalability of the infrastructure guarantees the rapid implementation of new applications without compromising the efficiency of existing systems. S&T successfully implemented the solution within just one month. All systems remained fully functional during the entire conversion and implementation phase.

Benefit to the customer

  • modern, flexible and powerful IT infrastructure
  • scalable system
  • higher capacity
  • accelerated business processes
  • high availability and backup of data based on a modern storage and
    backup system
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