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Slovak Ministry of Education

SAP-based Financial Information System for Universities in Slovakia

The commissioner of this major project is the Slovak Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the country’s universities. Slovakia has 20 state universities which are to be connected to the ordered SAP/R3 platform.

The challenge

The Slovak Ministry of Education commissioned the implementation and maintainance of a SAP-based centralized financial information system for all state universities in Slovakia. The aim of the project is to provide the ministry and the universities themselves with a powerful and effective tool for the universities’ financial management and budgeting. The information system was implemented at two universities during a pilot phase and supports all processes involved in these areas such as financial accounting, budget management, human resources accounting and controlling.

The Project

The mySAP Business Suite solution will be implemented in several stages. The pilot phase included the design of the system, delivery of the hardware and software to a central location and initial implementation at two universities - in Bratislava and Žilina. The actual project started in early 2006 when the solution was installed at four additional universities and from July 2006 onward it significantly simplified financial, logistical and human resources management for more than 2,000 users at six universities nationwide.

Although the financial information system builds upon a solution developed during the pilot phase, the special needs and requirements of each individual institution were taken into consideration and 20 distinctive solutions provided. The roll-out to all 20 state universities in Slovakia will be completed by the end of 2007. The project is being carried out by a consortium made up of S&T (VARIAS) and Siemens Business Services (SBS).

Benefit to the customer

  • centralized financial information system
  • simplifying financial, logistical and human resources management
  • consideration of special needs and requirements to the system
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