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S&T operates POS systems

The customer

With a turnover of 4.51 billion euros and over 33,000 employees, SPAR is one
of the leading retail companies in Austria.

The challenge

The point of sale (POS) systems in the approximately 800 branches across
Austria consist of hardware and software components from a range of manufacturers,
and have been managed by various partners up until now. As this
has resulted in extremely high costs, SPAR has decided to pursue a strategy
of consolidation; the numerous service partners hitherto contracted are to be
reduced to a handful, each covering more sectors. Operation of the POS systems
is to be transferred to a reliable and manufacturer-independent service
provider. The contract for the multi-million order was awarded to S&T DACH,
which already takes care of laser printers for all branches in Austria.

The project

The contract is associated with strict service levels, which ensure a rapid
resumption of operations in the event of a malfunction or interruption of service.
In order to be able to quickly react to incoming requests, S&T DACH
has electronically connected the SPAR helpdesk to the S&T DACH technician
control center.

With this contract, SPAR Austria will enjoy high quality services, but at the
same time profit from a simplification and optimization of processes, a significant
reduction in costs and the benefits of the product/manufacturer independence
of S&T DACH.

Benefit to the customer

  • simplification and optimization of processes
  • rapid resumption of operations in the event of a malfunction or interruption of service
  • cost reduction