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China National Petroleum Corporation

Innovative order

The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a worldwide leading energy supply company and is China’s flagship in the field of oil and gas production and sales. CNPC produces 2.75 million barrels of crude oil per day and has 2,320.1 billion cubic meters of oil reserves. In 2007, the business achieved sales of 1,000.68 billion RMB Yuan (ca. 11.7 billion euros).

The challenge

CNPC required a modern system for checking their pipelines, and the contract for its development and realization was awarded to S&T China. S&T has planned and implemented a system for the China National Petroleum Corporation which allows the company to measure oil pipeline pressure, and thereby detect possible defects. Using the so-called “Measurement Expert Analyzing System”, experts from the petroleum company are able to analyze measurement data, evaluate the displayed defects and use the data made available in reports and graphical overviews. The challenge posed by this project for S&T was primarily the task of developing a stable and secure system that could process the large volumes of incoming data in the required short space of time, and that could function on a permanent basis without hardware instability or database restrictions.

The project

MEAS records the specific pressure in CNPC pipelines using special sensors, and can thus display any defects in the pipeline caused by, for example, surges within the pipes. The magnetic data is used by the appropriate experts at CNPC to analyze the pipeline characteristics, such as dimensions, defects and materials, and can be evaluated and presented in a variety of ways, e.g. using tables, diagrams and data reports. Defects can be measured, marked and accurately located in three dimensions by MEAS.