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Nowadays, modern armies include a variety of installations, equipment, and personnel. There’s nothing you won’t find in a modern army – whether buildings, highly complex operational and security installations, personnel, its own manufacturing facilities, hospitals, universities, weapon systems, clothing or airports, ships or cafeterias.
The responsibilities and structures of modern armed forces are subject to constant change. Spontaneous deployment in the globe’s hot spots, terrorism, supporting NATO allies or increasingly deployment to cope with natural disasters are only a small part of the wealth of activities tackled by the armed forces. This requirement can only be met by relying on modern IT systems.

S&T Slovenia is the leading provider of high-performance IT solutions and system integration in its region. Nevertheless, S&T is able to offer its Defense solutions in all of its countries. The offering includes a wide range of technologies and products for information support in military operations.

The Defense department in Slovenia was formed in 2007 in order to develop solutions for the defense industry, especially for information support for armed forces. The team combines highly trained staff, with high level of technical and industry know-how. S&T offers support and trainings and specialized “bootcamps” for high intensity courses.

S&T offers following Defense Solutions:

  • Integrated Solutions for Defense Industry, like
- PDS (Peripherial Device Server): this server contains different military vehicles information
  and enables communication between them.
- UMO (Mortar Fire Control System): improves command and control of mortar fire
- IT Support for Slovenian Armed Forces

  • VBS2 (Virtual Battlefield System): is a fully interactive 3D simulation system focused on tactics training and operational procedures
  • Soldier´s Communication and Information Systems

Our strengths are:

  • highly trained staff
  • different supporting models (hardware, networking and system administration, command & control application level support)
  • lab environment for testing, simulation and evaluation

The S&T Defense solutions have already been proofed in many international peace keeping missions.

Selected references

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Airport Prague
Ministry of Defense
Czech Airlines
Polish Navy
Airport Anapa
Ministry of Defense
Patria Land and Armament


Matevz Ferjancic

S&T Defense Deepartment Manager

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