The modern automobile industry is characterised by low vertical integration in the manufacturing process and a high level of integration of manufacturers and suppliers. Increasingly short innovation cycles have forced the automobile manufacturer to focus on core competencies, but at the same time to look at integration into value creation networks. The IT architectures of automobile manufacturers, sub-contractors and dealers play an important role in this, as they provide the means to integrate service, delivery, production and trade, as well as to support the maintenance of quality standards.
The utilization of inter-company information for development and customer service purposes as well as for seamless production and delivery processes, makes IT the business enabler and process designer of the automotive industry. In the long term, the industry can expect extensive cost savings and considerable improvements in quality as a result of the successful integration of global and company IT-networks.

A process-oriented IT set-up, close networking with business partners and an efficient supply chain are crucial competition factors in a market, which is marked by continually rising raw material prices, increased competition as a result of globalisation, enormous price pressures and the desire to supply the customer with the most individualised products possible.

The objective of the automobile industry is to reduce the automobile „Order-to-Delivery“ time – ideally with innovative „Build-to-Order” processes, so that the customer can order his automobile to individual expectations and so that fast delivery times can be realized. An integrated IT system must make the implementation of these objectives possible through the use of appropriate processes. Optimization in the manufacturing and delivery processes must therefore be supported by capable and flexible IT systems.

S&T provides strategic advice to dealers, importers, sub-contractors and manufacturers on their future process design and infrastructure development.

A further focus is the implementation of joint processes and solutions for the car trade targeted at profitable marketing, the import and order process, the guarantee and spare parts business, the integration of leasing and fleet business, together with the provision of platforms for management of the dealer network and efficient automobile and customer management. In the current information age, with the introduction of universal services such as these, we can accompany manufacturers and dealers into the automobile trade of the future.

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