S&T consults, plans and creates individually-tailored, customer-specific solutions sourced from the technologies and products of the world's leading hardware and software manufacturers. As a result of S&T’s unique structure, S&T teams in each country are not only provided with well-trained professionals who know all the specifics of the local situation, they can also call upon the international expertise of S&T’s experts in 22 countries who actively support and promote the exchange of knowledge, providing a level of back-up support that local companies cannot.


Manufacturers of complex products are increasingly becoming service providers and service integrators, since only the provision of genuine added value for customers ensures sustainable competitiveness. This requires a mastery of the existing range of product variants, the creation of an efficient and effective sales organization and a focus on the customer process.


The S&T Group is specialized in professional business consulting and provides high quality IT solutions that address and solve customer needs in challenging environments. We successfully serve medium-sized and large companies in main areas of the trade business, with a particular focus on retailers, wholesalers & distributors, logistics companies and freight forwarders.


The communications sector is currently experiencing a period of intensive change coupled with technological innovation. A highly competitive marketplace puts enormous pressure on operators and service providers, who constantly have to expand their services while improving the development work and reducing maintenance costs.

Public and government organizations

The government sector in Central and Eastern Europe is probably the most challenging sector in the IT business these days; rapidly developing economies, the demands and regulatory requirements of EU accession (or related pre-accession activities) and above all unprecedented security concerns place enormous pressure on public administrations and their IT environments.


The energy industry is in the middle of liberalisation and the dominant theme at the moment in the energy providers industry in Europe is unbundling. This advanced responsibility from the EU to separate networking from the other activities of the energy providers should prevent disproportionately high costs for using electricity and gas networks, which in turn will make it more difficult for suppliers without networks to sell electricity.

Aerospace & Defense

Nowadays, modern armies include a variety of installations, equipment, and personnel. There’s nothing you won’t find in a modern army – whether buildings, highly complex operational and security installations, personnel, its own manufacturing facilities, hospitals, universities, weapon systems, clothing or airports, ships or cafeterias.


The modern automobile industry is characterised by low vertical integration in the manufacturing process and a high level of integration of manufacturers and suppliers. Increasingly short innovation cycles have forced the automobile manufacturer to focus on core competencies, but at the same time to look at integration into value creation networks. The IT architectures of automobile manufacturers, sub-contractors and dealers play an important role in this, as they provide the means to integrate service, delivery, production and trade, as well as to support the maintenance of quality standards.