17.01.2008 | Poland

S&T Poland advises Ministry about Schengen Information System (SIS)

Planning and implementation of processes and platforms

January 17, 2008. The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration has commissioned S&T Poland to carry out consulting and implementation tasks for the introduction of the Schengen Information System (SIS II) and the Visa Information system (VIS). The project was closed in December 2007 funded by European Commission.
Poland has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and connected to the Schengen information system on 21st of December 2007, following the implementation of EU visa regulations. The Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration has commissioned S&T Poland as a consulting and implementation service provider to carry out the analysis and planning of all necessary IT prerequisites as well as for the implementation of a central IT platform. “This strategically important project for the Polish administration and border controls underscores the confidence that the public administration places in S&T and demonstrates the competence of our local Polish office, which has comprehensive experience in the areas of border management and police processes at its disposal,” Christian Rosner, CEO S&T, explains.

Consulting, implementation, training

The project has comprised the following sectors:

  • Support in developing the management process, both during rollout and during the development of the Polish components of SIS and VIS.

  • Practical support during document preparation, in obtaining expert opinions as well as consulting discussions and meetings.

  • Consulting support during the preparation and implementation of the central system for authorised institutional users.

  • Preparation of the implementation of requirements and processes of the Schengen visa office.

  • Preparation, implementation and administration of the information portal for users as well as electronic document storage.

  • Training sessions, presentations and workshops as well as translations.

IT market in Poland

For the Polish IT market, EITO experts have projected a growth of 10.0% for 2008. The growth expectations for the IT services market have been even higher, with 16.3% for 2008. This places Poland at the top of the Eastern European states, along with Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The demand for IT consulting, solutions and services in the public sector has been influenced by the implementation of EU guidelines; in the private economy it is mostly financial services providers, industry and telecommunications who invest in productivity-enhancing IT systems.

S&T in Poland

The S&T corporate group has been active in the Polish market since 2000. In 2003, S&T took over Fujitsu Services branch offices in seven countries, including in Poland, and merged these branch offices into S&T Poland. In 2006, the takeover of Polish ERP specialists BEELC led to a massive boosting of S&T core competencies. After the in spring 2007 concluded takeover of IMG, this national branch now has additional support from the experts in IMG Poland. In total, S&T currently employs 321 employees in 11 branch offices in Poland.
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