20.01.2009 | Slovenia

S&T Slovenia to implement SAP for Perutnina Ptuj

ERP including integrated industry solution for the meat industry

South-eastern Europe’s biggest food processing company Perutnina Ptuj assigned S&T Slovenia with the implementation of a SAP Business Information System. The SAP solution will enable Perutnina Ptuj to unify key business processes, access the extensive knowledge base in the food industry and use a uniform information system regardless of the country or activity. The project includes the entire Perutnina Ptuj Group, which is composed of companies in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Romania, and is expected to be concluded in two and a half years.
The expansion of its operations into the markets of former Yugoslavia, and plans for further expansion into the markets of south-eastern Europe, have brought about the need for Perutnina Ptuj to consolidate its operations and unify its processes within the entire Group. The Group consists of a number of companies performing various activities. So far, the information support infrastructure at Perutnina Ptuj comprised a combination of solutions of the individual companies which were not always interconnected.

Integrated industry solution

The internal IT department and the outsourced provider of information solutions were originally able to harmonize the needs of end-users and ensure that the systems were not too complex. Mergers through acquisitions and purchasing of new companies have shown that the requirements of the users can no longer be met. And additional problems are caused by the systems not being fully integrated with each other. Thus, for its main activities, Perutnina Ptuj needs a specialized solution compatible with its industrial needs. This will be provided by the SAP ERP, together with the integrated myMEAT industry solution for the meat processing activities of the Swiss company Softproviding. S&T Slovenia will be responsible for the implementation of the whole system, the purchase of licenses and also maintenance. Perutnina Ptuj has chosen S&T Slovenia due to the consultant’s extensive knowledge and experience, its geographic presence in the countries Perutnina Ptuj operates in, and its size and many years of market tradition. “Based on the experience S&T Slovenia acquired while working with large Slovenian food processing companies, we were able to prepare a fully customized solution for Perutnina Ptuj, which will facilitate the development of their successful operations. And we can also provide complete implementation of the SAP information system in all the markets where Perutnina Ptuj is active”, explains Christian Rosner, CEO S&T.

Customized solution

The implementation of the SAP information system will provide Perutnina Ptuj with a fully customized solution which enables the standardization of processes and allows measurements and comparisons of operations using uniform criteria for all the Group’s companies, as well as ensuring that reliable and credible data is obtained. The solution being implemented for Perutnina Ptuj by S&T Slovenia is especially customized for the meat processing industry and enables simple adjustment to other similar applications. The implementation started in September 2008. The foreseen duration of the project is 18 months and the implementation is expected to be completed within the entire Perutnina Ptuj Group in two and a half years. S&T Slovenia is SAP’s leading partner in Slovenia, with the longest tradition of implementing SAP solutions and providing support.

Caption: S&T Slovenia to Implement SAP for Perutnina Ptuj
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