29.09.2009 | Poland

Poland takes the next (e-)step with S&T

A web-based IT system supports the implementation of EU legislation into Polish laws

S&T has designed and implemented e-step, a web-based IT system for monitoring the transposition process of EU laws into Polish laws. Poland is currently adapting its legislation to European requirements and standards, which is a mandatory for all EU member states.
e-step – the Electronic System for the Transposition of EU Law – shows information about EU legislations and the status of its conversion into the Polish law. The Office of the Committee for European Integration, a Polish administrative entity responsible for all activities connected with integration of Poland within the EU, chose S&T for this highly sensitive project.

S&T prepared a concept for e-step, which allows the entering, collection and managing of all information and data about the law transpositions at one place. S&T also designed and implemented the whole system and organized trainings for more than 100 active users from ministries and administration. Having won the public tender, S&T Poland began work on the system in late 2008, the going-live was already in July 2009.

There are two different types of users of e-step:

  • general public, gains access to the information via the www.e-step.pl website, where the names of individual directives are listed, together with the dates of their implementation, and a correlation table facilitating a comparison of EU and Polish legislation.
  • public administration staff (the Office of the Committee for European Integration, ministries and central administrative bodies), users who require user accounts and system log-ins.

"Thanks to S&T's professionalism, the work was carried out in accordance within the tight schedule. Something that's of great importance to me is the communication with the partner, especially when it comes to a project as complex as this one. The harmonious relationship with S&T made our joint efforts easier, even more so since there was immense work, on the part of both sides," said Arkadiusz Pluciński, Director of the European Law Department within the Office.

Every interested person is now able to follow the progress of building up EU legislation in Poland. Most important is that the system will assist officials in managing the transposition process and help to avoid any delays, which could have legal consequences for the country.

“We are proud that we participate in a project of such social significance and support Poland in fulfilling its duties as member of the EU. As IT consulter No. 1 in CEE, the Office of the Committee for European Integration chose the best partner for this job”, comments Christian Rosner, CEO of S&T Group.
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