17.11.2009 | Romania

S&T leads the Romanian ERP market

S&T Romania remains 2009 the top local ERP Services provider

With 15 years of local presence, S&T Romania offers experience and expertise plus a broad portfolio of IT solutions and services. A study published by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), "ERP Romania in 2009”, ranks businesses that offer ERP applications and services – with S&T Romania again on top of the list.
According to PAC, S&T is like already in 2008 the leading provider of integrated ERP systems and services in Romania. S&T Romania’s market share of 12 % is 20 % higher than that of the company ranked second place. In terms of vertical markets, the manufacturing sector continued to generate the largest amount of revenue with 26 % of total ERP products and services. With a market share of 33 % in the manufacturing segment S&T has also maintained its leading position in providing ERP services in this industry.

“The PAC survey proofs that S&T is the top player in the Romanian ERP market and a reliable partner. With perfectly tailored business processes our customers have a clear picture of their performance and are therefore able to react immediately and set the right measures, even within a difficult economic background”, comments Christian Rosner, CEO of S&T Group.

Perfectly adapting market trends

By closely analyzing the developments in the vertical industries, S&T Romania continuously adapts its investments in business solutions to the needs of the clients. S&T Romania offers a general portfolio like Business Consulting, Business Process Reorganization and Optimization (BPR, BPO) or Outsourcing but also enforces deeper specialization on vertical industries. This year S&T Focus Trade, a comprehensive solution developed on SAP platform and tailored for companies operating in the food and beverage distribution field, has been developed. S&T also monitors the public sector which will remain important for the providers of ERP solutions in Romania. According to PAC, demand there will raise over 30 % within the next 5 years.

"After several years of skillfully exploiting the massive investments in complex ERP projects in Romania, S&T now possesses the platform and capabilities that can provide a superior post-crisis development as compared to other system integrators in the local market. With the expertise of the dedicated teams of business solutions in more mature markets, like Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary, I believe that S&T Romania will remain one of the few solid system integrators in the local market, able not only to benefit from post-crisis market growth, but also to create opportunities for strategic accounts", explains Eugen Schwab-Chesaru, Partner & Managing Director - Pierre Audoin Consultants Central and Eastern Europe.
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