01.12.2009 | Czech Republic

S&T CZ: More Transparency for EU Funding

Large scale monitoring project of EU funds is managed by S&T

The Czech Ministry of Regional Development has again commissioned S&T CZ to optimize and maintain its system for the controlling of EU funds. The several million euro contract involves S&T being responsible for a further upgrade of the Structural Funds Monitoring System during the next four years.
The Ministry of Regional Development is in charge of the mandatory monitoring of all EU funds. The Structural Funds Monitoring System has already been realized in a previous project by S&T. It enables the resources allocated by the EU to be precisely monitored with regard to allocation, approvals and payment flows. In order to acquire the best future support for this task S&T was again chosen as IT partner. However, due to the frequent legislative changes, the system will never be finished as such – it is a project requiring ongoing modifications. Reliable and permanent support is therefore essential for the success of the application.

“The Monitoring system plays a crucial role in the allocation and monitoring of EU funds for all Czech public institutions and beneficiaries,“ comments Martin Plachý, First Deputy Minister and State Secretary of the Ministry of Regional Development.

From standardization to customization

The core of the implemented monitoring solution is predefined and certified by the European Union. S&T was able to very quickly adapt it to specific customer needs and local requirements, which included integrating the system into local financial and monitoring frameworks in closely related fields. The ministry is now endowed with a solution that is fine tuned on a continuous basis and thereby utilizes resources more efficiently.

The system has excellent stability on a very high level of quality that matches similar programs run by other EU member states. In addition, by retaining the existing system the solution also enables the ministry to save significant costs.

“S&T creates strong long lasting partnerships with clients. Our Czech team has again proven this quality. Our skills and experience in monitoring solutions and with EU projects enable us to offer the best local services in this field“, comments Christian Rosner, CEO of the S&T Group.
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