20.01.2010 | Germany

Car Dealer Management System for LUEG AG Implemented

LUEG AG demonstrated courage and determination to invest in modernization and future-oriented change, relying on S&T as its implementation partner.

The car dealer Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG went live on January 4, 2010 with a “Big Bang Campaign”, initiating the SAP DBM-based Dealer Management System S&T CARBON DBM to encompass more than 1,000 users.
All core processes of the car dealer group (sales, repairs, spares, guarantee and financial accounting) for the brands Mercedes-Benz, Smart (used cars), Ferrari and Maserati were converted to the new system at 18 locations in Germany. All operational processes were completely functional from day one and ran reliably on the newly-installed system. One of the decisive factors underlying the smooth transition was the successful and perfectly precise migration of more than 80 related objects with a data history exceeding 30 years. More than 40 interfaces to manufacturers and external providers ensure the maximum integration of business processes.

In the short and potentially record-breaking project time of only nine months, Germany’s largest Mercedes-Benz car dealership and IMG, the Consulting Services of S&T, were responsible for some remarkable accomplishments:

  • All processes were harmonized and applicated with S&T CARBON DBM Standard,
  • approximately 1,100 employees were trained at the LUEG Academy,
  • which ensured a successful and trend-setting system changeover.

This success was only made possible by the stable SAP DBM platform, the high suitability of the CARBON add-ons for the car dealer sector as well as the streamlined project organization and full support of the top management of LUEG AG and SAP AG. Other success factors included the close interaction of more than 30 IMG consultants and about 100 LUEG project participants, along with professional change management by Ergon Consulting designed to promote the transformation of the business processes.

With the launch of CARBON DBM, one of the most advanced and efficient dealer management systems, LUEG has properly laid the groundwork for its future success. The recently achieved increase in transparency in respect to all brands, sites and business areas enables an integrated, results-oriented self-management at all levels. Accordingly, S&T CARBON DBM is an important enabler paving the way to greater efficiency and profitability and thus the implementation of the corporate strategy of the LUEG car dealer group focusing on achieving growth and even better business results.
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