11.05.2010 | Austria

S&T and Cisco Strengthen Their Partnership

Developing expertise in the Data Center and Cloud Computing areas

S&T seals a strong partnership with Cisco and has completed a focused effort to further increase the level of its sales and service capabilities. The exclusive partnership facilitates S&T’s ability to effectively sell, design and install data center and cloud computing technology and products in all Eastern European countries.
S&T achieved the highest Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) server certification covering the entire Eastern European region, including expertise in the server technology area. This certification is one more step underlining the strong relations between S&T and Cisco, which are jointly focusing on developing the Data Center market, where S&T has already had a strong presence for years. Furthermore, S&T is the only regional partner in Eastern Europe of the VCE coalition formed by VMware, Cisco and EMC targeting on the development of “Datacenter in a rack” solution. It enables customers to cover their network requirements in a single building block called “Vblock” scaling up to serve thousands of users out of one single rack.

Furthermore Vblock solutions are opening a new dimension in the application processing area. Business critical applications, such as SAP, Oracle or other BI (Business Intelligence) solutions are already available for use as SaaS (Software as a Service). Especially in terms of performance, Vblock offers scalability and dynamic adoption to application demands. This helps companies to manage peaks in their network easily without the need for manual intervention.
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