22.10.2010 | Germany

S&T Implements SAP FICO at ElectronicPartner

Installation in five national subsidiaries in Europe

ElectronicPartner contracted S&T Germany to install the financial and accounting software SAP FICO. The decisive factor was the comprehensive know-how of the IT consulting company in the retail segment. S&T will implement SAP FICO at the group’s subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands over the next one and one half years.

“In 2009 we already successfully adapted to the SAP Retail solution. With SAP FICO, the financial and accounting software will completely run on an SAP platform starting in 2012. The integration of this software enables us to optimize our processes and ensure quicker access to financial and controlling data”, says Klaus Hopp, IT Manager at ElectronicPartner.

“At the beginning of the year we already carried out a preliminary study for the project and analyzed the existing processes. In order to fulfill this task as quickly as possible, S&T used the PROMET (PROject METhod) method set developed in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen. This has proven its value for more than 15 years, and serves as the standard project method of the S&T Group. The application of this project management approach increases the ability to complete projects successfully in terms of scope, time and budget”, explains Karl-Heinz Barisch, Area Manager of S&T Deutschland GmbH (S&T Germany).

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